1 x Weinor Topas with Hood, Surrey

Weston Green School, Thames Ditton, Surrey….

Weston Green School in Thames Ditton, Surrey chose the Weinor Topas awning with a hood for their sun shading.  The Topas is used for larger areas of up to 7m and has the ability to pair with another awning which means the coverage and expanse has the potential to be huge if required. It is a folding arm awning and this one has a hood which means the the top of the awning is protected when retracted from unwanted debris and helps to prevent that debris from interfering with the awning. This awning will protect the classroom from becoming unbearably hot and will also act as a space for children to use in the playground when the weather is too warm at times to play in. More and more schools are using awnings for this purpose which we think is a great and intuitive idea to protect the children outside and keep the classrooms cooler for them to concentrate better in.


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