Allpress Espresso – Dalston

Client: Allpress Espresso Roastery & Cafe
Location: 55 Dalston Lane, Dalston, London, E8 2NG
Job: Traditional Victorian Awnings


Radiant Blinds installed three traditional Victorian awnings on this premises in Dalston Lane, Hackney. Radiant Blinds is one of the few companies still handmaking this product and they use an experienced workforce who have a wealth of knowledge in the blind trade.

The traditional Victorian awnings were constructed from aluminium housing with timber end cheeks and timber front laths on which the covers were tacked in the traditional way. The arms, boxes and laths were painted in colours selected by the client which blend in with the chosen acrylic material. The fabric was cut and stitched to size in Radiant Blinds’ factory and the middle awning was hand painted with the company details. These awnings are operated by a wooden pull-down pole and, along with iron arms and slides, work with the tensioned spring roller to extend and retract the awnings. Radiant Blinds’ workforce has been manufacturing these traditional Victorian awnings for many years and still use some of the old methods which they combine with modern day ideas and technology.

The traditional Victorian awnings were an ideal choice for the Allpress Espresso premises in Hackney. It was originally an old joiner’s factory which they restored and is now their UK base for ‘roasting, technical support, barista training – and serving locals a damn good coffee’. As stated on their website ‘The beating heart of Dalston Lane really is our Hot Air Roaster’ which ‘allows us meticulous temperature control and stability over each roast, elevating natural sweetness to achieve a smooth taste, and the lasting flavour our coffee is known for.’ In the café, they serve not only coffee but sandwiches, breakfast plates and lunch dishes. You can also purchase their roasted blends. It’s worth checking out their website for additional details about Allpress Espresso.