Awning Fabrics Swela

Awning Fabrics Swela

Radiant Blinds & Awnings is a specialist dealer of Swela Fabric.  Swela is one of the leading manufacturers of top quality awning fabrics.  It has around 250 patterns in a wide range of colours.  We can supply a cover to blend in with your existing colour scheme.  Alternatively we can supply a cover to contrast with it.  Either way, there are plenty of choices available.

Types of Awning Fabrics Swela

Sunsilk has a silky smooth surface.  Additionally it provides brilliant luminosity.  It is made from a lightweight, fine polyester filament yarn.  The fabric is tear resistant and durable.  It also has a UPF of 50+ . For that reason, it provides UV protection to direct sunlight.

Sunvas has soft glow.  It has a textile quality and natural appearance.  It is a fabric made from high-tech polyester yarn.  Consequently, it is non-fading and waterproof.  It also has UV resistant properties.

The Sunsilk and Sunvas awning fabrics are manufactured in Germany.  Inevitably there are high standards regarding the quality of the fabric.  Modern weaving technology is used.  As a result the finishes on this fabric help resistance to varying weather conditions.  They have an ‘snc’ coating which creates a self-cleaning effect. Consequently, this increases the longevity of the material.

Vuscreen is an ultra-modern, anti-glare fabric for windows.  It is  slightly transparent.  Also, it is a light and air-permeable polyester fabric.  Therefore it is popular as it protects again light reflections.  From the outside, it’s almost opaque.  However from the inside it provides a view of the outside.  Thus it provides sun protection and privacy.  This fabric is a popular choice for both domestic and commercial requirements.  Many of the fabrics are flame-retardant. Therefore they conform with safety standards.

Colour Range

Click on the link below.  You will see the full colour range.  There are also  photos and specifications of these high-grade awning fabrics.  Before making your choice, we recommend you see the fabric itself.

Get in touch if you need some advice.  Our experienced representatives are pleased to help.