Awning Fabrics

Awning Fabrics

Fabrics are the most important part of our awnings, blinds and canopies.  At Radiant Blinds & Awnings, we use the highest quality fabrics for not only our awnings but also our Cafe Barriers and Giant Umbrellas.

After years of experience in the trade, we believe that the Dickson fabrics and Swela fabrics are the superior awning materials on the market. They are waterproof, hard wearing and rot-proof.  They also provide much needed UV protection. Addtionally, the long-lasting colour fastness and durability of these European fabrics provides product longevity.  Both suppliers are technologically advanced.  Therefore they keep up to date with current trends thus creating modern fabrics in an array of colours and patterns.

Domestic awnings open up your home to the outside so colour choice is important. With the vast range of materials available, you can choose from plain, striped and patterned fabrics.  The materials can blend or contrast with your own colour scheme.

The choice for commercial blinds and awnings depends on whether you require signwriting on the covers.  There is a wide selection of plain colours in bold or softer shades.  Alternatively, if no writing is required, there are a variety of striped and patterned finishes.

Our experienced representatives can help you make the best fabric choice for your home or business.

For further information on our fabrics, please contact us

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