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Blinds for Bifolds Doors By Radiant

Here at Radiant we supply and install the very best manual and electric Blinds for Bifolds.  We offer a selection of fabrics including plain opaques to reduce the heat, glare & UV. Additionally we supply more modern screen fabrics that again will reduce heat, glare & UV. Furthermore you can see through them into your garden. Operation couldn’t be easier. We can supply battery powered or 240v motorised blinds. You operate them from a remote control handset or a wire free wall switch.  If you have more than one blind you will be able to press one button. Accordingly all the blinds will raise and lower together. Another bonus is at no extra cost you have the option to operate your blinds individually.

These blinds really do add that finishing touch to any modern interior. Today we are used to seeing whole walls of glass in many homes. However we believe that we have the very best solutions to add a chic way to cover them on a winter’s evening. Equally important is the blinds can reduce glare and heat when it gets too sunny.


With regard to installation, the Radiant fitters will set what we call the STOP limits on the blind. Hence you will have a ONE touch operation. This means you only have to press the up or down button once on the remote control. Consequently the blinds will automatically stop when they reach the top or the bottom of the Bifolds. However you can stop them anywhere in between.

Some of our clients have their electric blinds recessed into their ceiling. You can choose this option when you are undertaking building work. However it’s not something you can do once the build is completed.  Therefore CALL US as soon as you can. We don’t mind popping around and meeting your builders to explain what you need. It’s also a good idea that we meet with your electrician to make sure he supplies the correct power supplies in the right places.

If we are installing blinds after the building work has been completed but you still do not want to see the blinds when they are raised, we can help with a very neat solution. Radiant will fabricate an aluminium pelmet and have it powder coated to match your doors for the blinds to roll up behind when not in use. This not only looks very modern and contemporary but makes the whole installation look like it’s part of the build. This is the end result we want to achieve for you. These blinds for bifolds should not look like they are an afterthought.

Please call  or email us for more help and information on electric Blinds for Bifolds.

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