Blinds for Schools

Having been in the blind trade for many years, we understand the requirements regarding blinds for schools. These relate not only to the products themselves but also the measuring and installation service.  Accordingly, we work with you to make sure our availability meets your school timetable requirements.  Hence, we can arrange installations during early mornings or Saturdays to minimise class disruption.

Your blind selection will depend on your requirements and budget.  We can work with you to supply practical, cost-effective blinds which are safe and durable.  There are safety regulations regarding  fabric and blind controls.  Consequently, we have a wide choice of FR fabric and our systems adhere to the appropriate safety leglislation.

Examples of Blinds for Schools


Roller Blinds

One of the most popular types of binds for schools are roller blinds.  There is a wide choice of FR fabrics within the roller blind range.  There are also different types of controls. For example, there is the standard chain operation with the appropriate child safety devices.  Additionally, there is a side guided, cassette option often used with blackout fabric.  Furthermore, you can have electric controls. 

Roller blinds tend to be durable which is beneficial in a school environment when they are used frequently.  Another benefit is that the system is relatively straightforward.  As a result, there is less to go wrong than with some more complex mechanisms.  

Roller blinds reduce heat and glare in the classroom.  We have a range of blackout FR fabrics, so should you wish to substantially reduce light, we can supply blackout blinds either framed or unframed. The full cassette models provide a darkened room for screen work/presentations and interactive white boards.  If you require framed ones, there are side and bottom channels to restrict the light entering the classroom.

Venetian Blinds

These are often chosen due to their tilting option.  If you want to let some light into the room yet have the blind fully down, these are a great choice.  There are different slat widths available which allow varying degrees of light to enter the classroom.  Additionally, venetian blinds can be part or fully raised to allow varying degrees of light into the room.  Colours and finishes are in abundance.  For instance, you can choose neutral or coloured metal slats.  Alternatively, you can have wood or wood effect slatting.

Vertical Blinds

Another type of blind which has tilting slats, is the vertical blind with either 89mm or 127mm wide slats.  Again, there’s a good choice of FR fabrics.  The slats can be tilted or pulled to the side to allow different amounts of light levels. We have an extensive range of fabrics. Two of our main suppliers are Louvolite and Eclipse.


Not only do we supply manually operated blinds for schools, as mentioned, we can also supply electric controls.  Sometimes your windows are inaccessible or difficult to reach.  Therefore, remote controls are useful or even essential. Our representatives can advise about these types of operation.

For any information on blinds for schools, please contact us.  We would be pleased to offer you advice and examples of recent installations.