Boki – Seven Dials

Client: BOKI
Job: Traditional Victorian Awning

IMG_5764We’ve installed a Traditional Victorian Awning for Boki in Earlham Street, Seven Dials. We manufactured this awning in our factory using traditional methods but with a modern twist. For example, over time we’ve adapted the old style Victorian Awning to make sure it can cope with the British weather e.g. some of the boxing has been replaced with a more resistant aluminium casing at the top and the back where the water or snow would sit, slowly eating into the old timber version. We still use hardwood cheeks and a timber front lath and tacker with a traditional cast pull down plate. The arms are designed to suit the exact requirements of the building and are all bent to suit by hand as they were when the Victorians designed them. The box, lath and arms were painted to match the shop front so it all looks part of the overall installation. The cover was also made in our factory and co-ordinates with the shopfront and components.