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Benito's Hat Cafe Barriers
Caffe Nero Cafe Barriers
Cafe Barrier Cavan Bakery
Cafe Barrier
Benito's Hat Cafe Barrier
Cafe Barriers supplied and fitted
Signwritten Cafe Barrier by Radiant Blinds
Signwritten Cafe Barrier
Cafe Barriers with signwriting
Joe's Kitchen Cafe Barrier
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Pastaio Cafe Barrier

Cafe Barriers are sometimes also known as Alfresco Screens.  They are suitable for cafes, restaurants, pubs and hotels.  These screens are ideal for areas where you want to utilise your outdoor space.  Consequently, they can provide additional seating for your customers which is often much needed. In addition to the cafe barriers, we can supply blinds and awnings for these areas to protect your customers from the sun and rain.  Alternatively we can supply giant commercial umbrellas to cover outside seating areas.  Whatever your preference, we can help create an outside seating area suitable for your customers.

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At Radiant Blinds we can supply and install Cafe Barriers across London and the South

These easy to use free-standing Cafe Barriers can be brought in after closing.  You will probably move them in together with the tables and chairs. The posts we use are of excellent quality, not cheap lightweight which are unsteady and don’t last long.  Ours have sufficient weight to prevent them from blowing over in light winds and they come in a variety of finishes.  Additionally, they can be supplied with all the extra fabric supports and ties required.

You can choose your fabric for the Cafe Barriers from the vast range that we already supply for our awnings.  They look fantastic when they are matched together creating a uniformity which gives your shop a complete branded look. Just like the awning fabrics, the fabric can also be signwritten as required. The signwriting can be with any font, colours or logos that you may want to add.  As a result your business will stand out on the high street.

Below you will see some pictures of the Cafe Barriers fitted to various businesses like yours. You can see from the Cavan Bakery screens and awning, that a lovely enclosed area was created.

Recent Cafe Barriers & Posts projects