Camden Market – London

Victorian Awnings – Motorised – The Stables Market, Camden Town

We are pleased to have been involved with this project at Camden Market – London. Here we installed last week five 8 metre wide by 2.5m projecting wirelessly remote controlled Traditional Victorian Awnings, sometimes referred to as shop blinds.

A tricky install due to the height and width but now this part of the market will have shading for the restaurants that will be opening in the new year.
All our Traditional Victorian Awnings use hardwood timber from sustainable sources in their construction. The box and timbers are either painted by hand or sprayed in our finishing department. In the past, the metal work would have been hand painted but we now powder coat all metal work. Thanks to the growth of the shading industry there are many different companies providing awning materials and we have access to hundreds of different fabrics for our customers to choose from.
If signwriting is required then we can provide this via our in house graphic services.