Canopies for Schools, Nurseries, Colleges and Universities

Our canopies for schools provide you with a cost-effective covering for outside areas.  We manufacture a wide range of canopies and awnings.  These provide shelter and protection from the sun and rain.  You might have an unused outside space which you could transform.  For example, you could make it into a play area.  Alternatively it could become a learning space, refreshment station or socialising zone.

Protection from Canopies 

Children and students benefit from being outside. Often this time is restricted due to our unpredictable weather. With the addition of a canopy, you can allow staff and children to be outside for longer. Therefore, young children can play and have refreshments beneath these areas.  Likewise, older children can have breaks under the canopies.  Additionally, you can schedule lessons outside.  Similarly, college and university students can enjoy socialising or studying outside.  Campus cafes can provide additional seating.  As you can see, there a number of ways these canopies can enhance an outside space.  Thus, it becomes a functional area all year round.

Wall mounted canopies for schools

We specialise in the folding arm awning systems manufactured by Markilux & Weinor.  Consequently, you can rest assured that these are resilient and safe awnings.  Furthermore, they are made to measure so can provide you with the covering you require.  In the event of weather changes, you can extend and retract your awning.  You can choose  manual or electric controls for this purpose.  

‘Butterfly’, ‘Back to Back’ free-standing canopies for schools

No wall to fix to?  No problem.  We can supply a freestanding system with awnings attached to it.  Have a look at our Markilux Synrca system at Thyme & Tides.  This is an example of the covering you can achieve.  You can have heaters fitted, which again are shown on this installation.


We supply a wide range of fabrics for our canopies.  Whether you want a plain fabric or a patterned one, we offer you a great selection.  Dickson Constant is one of our popular ranges of acrylic materials.

If you would like some more information on our canopies for schools, please contact us.  We have experienced representatives who have worked with the educational establishments and will be pleased to help find a solution to your requirements.