Cafe Barriers

Cafe Barriers Chichester….

Franco Manca in Chichester needed to segregate some outside seating space for their diners and to give them a little privacy whilst eating from the general passers by.   Cafe barriers are a great way to mark your boundaries and another form of advertising as they can all be sign written.  Franco Manca is a hugely […]

Cafe Barriers for Cote Brasserie….

Cote Brasserie in Basingstoke have a nice outside seating area that needed segmenting off and what better way to do it and give your customers some seclusion whilst eating than with cafe barriers.  Signwriting the barriers kept the branding visible and is a great way of advertising.  Cote are an immensely successful chain of French […]

Cafe Barriers, Tower Bridge…

Red pavement barriers

Rosa’s Thai took delivery of these signwritten cafe barriers for the outside seating area of their restaurant at Tower Bridge.  Cafe barriers are a great idea to segment outside areas and a fabulous opportunity to use your individual branding to promote your business.

Giant Umbrellas & Cafe Barriers with Accessories

Red giant umbrella in front of bakery

It’s always a pleasure to work with Gail’s Bakery; they are such a nice bunch of people to team up with and their bakery is such a success story.   If you’ve ever tried the cinnamon buns then you’d know EXACTLY why!!!   The opening of this new shop in Manchester was no exception and we provided […]

Two Traditional Victorian Awnings & Cafe Barriers….

Cote in Dorchester needed two old awnings taken down and removed from site and we were tasked with making them two new traditional Victorian awnings to take their place, together with some cafe barriers.  Their distinctive branding and logo were clear to see on the signwriting we provided.  Cote is an enormously successful chain of […]

Cafe Barriers @ Spitalfields Market

Gails’ Bakery at Spitalfields Market, London took possession of eight new cafe barriers this week to cordon off the outside seating area from the rest of the market.   It’s a great idea to define your outside space and also another opportunity to show your branding.

Cafe Barriers – Spitalfields, London

Gail’s Bakery opened their doors at Spitalfields last week and what a great place it is to enjoy a coffee and a pastry, amongst many other sweet and savoury treats on offer.  We’ve been working closely with Gail’s for a number of years now and are truly inspired by their work ethic and expansion programme, […]

Victorian Awnings, Cafe Barriers & Roller Blinds

Oree Boulangerie in Muswell Hill had a bit of a makeover this week with a new Victorian awning, cafe barriers and internal roller blinds. Oree is a chain that sells the most mouthwatering and delicious cakes, pastries and bakery assortments and we are delighted to be associated with them. Their branding is smart and distinctive […]