Domestic Property

Weinor Cassita II End Fixed Awning

Weinor Cassita II Awnings

Another house getting ready for hot summer days. All fabric used on our awnings gives UV protection. There are hundreds of fabrics to choose from as we stock 5 collections of fabrics from the leading suppliers in Europe. The Cassita II awning from Weinor is a versatile awning with the fixing brackets at the end. […]

Markilux 1600 & 1600 Stretch Awnings

Markilux 1600

The Markilux 1600 is a classic folding arm awning. Available in 5 standard frame work colours with hundreds of different options of fabric. Radiant Blinds & Awnings installed these two 1600’s this week which needed bespoke brackets, made by our engineering department.  The spreader plates, which are needed to support the weight of the awnings, […]

Patio Awning for South facing garden

Folding Arm Awning

A classic folding arm awning installation carried out last week. Manually operated with a white frame and grey cover.Domestic awnings open up your home to the outside so colour choice is important. With the vast range of awning fabrics available, you can choose from plain, striped and patterned fabrics.  The materials can blend or contrast […]

Motorised Patio Door Blinds

Bi-Fold Battery operated blinds

Battery powered blinds are increasingly popular and more affordable than ever. Radiant Blinds & Awnings installed light filtering fabric to these patio doors and kitchen window. All operated by one remote control with different channels operating the various blinds. The motors are rechargeable and come with a 4m long charging cable and will only require […]

Weinor Semina Life

Semina Life LED/Valance Plus/LED Valance Plus This modern awning is an alternative to the semi-cassette system. With its smooth design, not only is it great value for money but also ticks many of the boxes in terms of different options available. For example, you can have LED lights integrated into the cassette. These are dimmable […]

Weinor Topas

The Topas is versatile for all types of installations. For example, it can be fitted below a balcony, underneath an overhang or within a recess. This is known as an open awning. Alternatively, if there is no structural protection, you can have the addition of a top profile or hood. This will protect your cover […]

Weinor Opal Design II

Opal Design II LED/Valance Plus/LED Valance Plus The Weinor Opal Design II is a sophisticated full cassette folding arm awning. It has a classic design with the advantage of modern technology. This system is a full cassette awning, the cassette being 16cm high. Although the design is flat, it provides great stability. The shape of […]

Conservatory Blinds Shade

Pleated conservatory blinds

Last summer this conservatory wasn’t being used due to it being south facing with exposure to the sun for most of the day. The client said that the heat was so unbearable they couldn’t sit in it. There are many options for providing shade in conservatory rooms and the solutions are down to the individual […]