Motorised Victorian Awning

4 x Traditional Victorian Awnings – Teddington, Middlesex…

Gail’s Bakery have recently opened their new shop in Teddington, Middlesex and we supplied them with four new traditional Victorian awnings. At Radiant Blinds, we have improved the traditional Victorian awnings over time to ensure they can cope with the British weather. For example, we have replaced some of the boxing with a more resistant […]

1 x Traditional Victorian Awning – Esher, Surrey

Gail’s Bakery have just opened a new shop in Esher High Street, Surrey and we were tasked with providing a new traditional Victorian awning to their shop front.   We have been making Victorian awnings, often called Butchers Blinds, for many many years now and over time have improved their design to cope with the British […]

Two Traditional Victorian Awnings & Cafe Barriers….

Cote in Dorchester needed two old awnings taken down and removed from site and we were tasked with making them two new traditional Victorian awnings to take their place, together with some cafe barriers.  Their distinctive branding and logo were clear to see on the signwriting we provided.  Cote is an enormously successful chain of […]

3 x Traditional Victorian Awnings, Guildford

Cote Brasserie revamped their Guildford premises last week as we fitted three traditional Victorian awnings with their new branding.   We have been making Victorian awnings for a very long time here at Radiant Blinds and over time have improved the way they are manufactured in order that they can cope with the British weather.  The […]

2 x Victorian Recovers & Illuminated Valances

Red Victorian awnings on bistro

Le Relais de Venise is a charming French Bistro based in Marylebone Lane in London.  Their existing traditional Victorian awnings needed a revamp so we recovered them both, added signwriting and two illuminated valances which means that no matter what time of the day it is, their advertising is still clear for all to see.

Recovers & Repairs for Two Victorian Awnings

Both of these traditional Victorian awnings were in a sad state but after repairs consisting of new laths, new arms and slides, recovers and valances, they both look brand new again. Signwriting the finished product with Oree’s distinctive logo has finalised the makeover at their Covent Garden location. Oree Boulangerie chain is a delightful French […]

Traditional Awnings, Shepherds Bush

Orange-red Victorian awning

We at Radiant Blinds, specialise in traditional Victorian awnings and have company origins tracing back 150 years making this delightful design.   Often called the Butchers Blind they the most traditional awning of all.   We have improved the Victorian awning over time to ensure they can cope with the British weather; for example we have replaced […]