New Awning Installation

Pergola Shading

Pergola Shading Another customer getting ready for summer. The pergola was baked by the afternoon sun and it was too hot to sit outside on some days. The customer decided to install these vertical screens now in readiness for the summer. These screen are made to measure and come in a number of different fabric […]

Traditional Awnings – Chiswick, London

Traditional Victorian Awning

We have been making traditional Victorian awnings in our London factory for many years. Last week was a busy one with 9 of them being installed around London. Le Vacherin restaurant in Chiswick had 2 new Victorian awnings and 3 new projecting wall banners. A fresh new look for this outstanding restaurant in Chiswick, London. […]

Weinor Zenara awning & Weinor Vertitex external blind


Weinor Zenara awning & Weinor Vertitex external blind The Weinor Zenara awning is unique in design and specification. The design is an end fixed awning that can span up to 6.5m and project up to 4m. Operated by wireless remote control there is also an option for fully dimmable LED lights. There are also hundreds […]

Fixed Frame Awning

Fixed Frame Awning

3 new fixed frame awnings installed at Skin Fit Spa in Teddington. Raising their profile with signwriting on each awning. All our fixed frames are made in our London factory

Weinor Casitta II Awning

Weinor Cassita II

Weinor are a company that offer many types of awnings and the Casitta II is very popular. It is an end fixed awning which allows us to span most patio doors to allow fixing onto the side walls. The frame comes in over 50 different standard colours and there are hundreds of different fabrics to […]

Honest Burger – Bond Street, London

Traditional Awning

Two new traditional Victorian awnings for Honest Burgers, Bond Street. Another new site for this growing chain which is a short walk from Bond Street in London. Using the awning fabric as the main area for their branding means the restaurant is highly visible to passers by. We make all our Victorian Awnings in our London […]

Markilux MX1 Awnings

Markilux MX1

The Markilux MX1 awning is quite unique in design. We installed 4 of them on this new build residential house in Surrey, all of them have fully dimmable lights. There is a choice of different frame colours along with hundreds of different fabric choices. In the closed position the awning has a large overhang acting as a canopy. […]

Sally Clarke – Kensington, London

Traditional Victorian awnings or sometimes known as Traditional shop blinds come in many different colours and sizes. All of them made by hand in our London factory. This week we installed 5 electric remote controlled Victorian Awnings to Sally Clarke’s Shop in Kensington, London. Everything looks the same as a manually operated awning but all the staff […]