New Awning Installation

Retractable roof for large areas

If you have a large area or a fixed structure that needs covering then you should consider this option, a retractable roof system. Our client had previously had plants growing on this structure which was not offering the shade needed. Once the pergola had been stripped back we installed a retractable Weinor roof system. The client also added fully […]

Full Cassette End Fixed Awning

A new install this week for a patio in South West London. We made special brackets in our factory in Surbiton so we could install this bespoke end fixed awning. Frame colour from over 50 different paint colours and fabric from hundreds of different designs. If you need shading but don’t think you can have […]

Folding Arm Awnings for your Home

This house needed shading on both levels as the sun has been causing overheating in the lounge and bedroom. By installing Folding Arm Awnings in this home, the heat was minimised and the interior furnishing protected. Get in touch today if you have a similar situation that needs a shading solution.

Small width but big projection

Here is a solution for people who have a limited amount of space on the width, but need a long projection. There are awnings that have oversized arms so that you can get the projection needed to provide shading. Ideal for this customer who needed a small area covered on their patio. The arms stack […]

Awning with drop down screen

There is a simple solution to low sun. There are awnings that have a drop down screen on the front rail which can be manually or wirelessly operated. This can give you a 1.5m vertical screen that will block out the low sun. Available in a number of different frames colours and fabric choices. Get in […]

Retractable Roof Pergola

What do you do when you have a large area to cover and an awning is limited to a 4 metre projection?  This sun deck is 6 metres long so we installed a Retractable Roof Pergola; operation is by wireless remote control. There is an adjustable leg on the front which allows you to alter the […]

Traditional Victorian Awnings – Islington, London

A great way to show a before and after. There were awnings on The Amwell Arms, Islington before but they did not stand out. Using vibrant coloured fabric can make you really stand out from the crowd. We installed 5 Traditional Awnings on site ahead of schedule and in plenty of time for opening in […]

Drop Arm Awnings

What do you do when your home meets current building regulations and hits 38 degrees celsius on hot and sunny days? You call Radiant Blinds & Awnings or Radiant Blinds & Awnings South West and ask for a solution. Here we installed 56 wirelessly operated drop arm awnings, they block the sun before it hits […]