Commercial Canopies

At Radiant Blinds and Awnings, we offer a wide range of commercial canopies and associated products.  All of our commercial canopies are made to measure.  Therefore, this enables you to have a bespoke product of your choice.

Traditional Commercial Canopies

We manufacture these canopies/awnings in our factory.  A lovely traditional product maintaining many of the traditional designs. We’ve brought this awning into the 21st century by combining some modern touches and practices. Traditional canopies/awnings continue to be popular with restaurants/cafes and shops.  You operate these commercial canopies with a pull down pole by hooking the pole into a pull down plate.  This is found in the wooden front lath.  You can choose the cover from one of our many materials .  The covers and valances can be signwritten to your own specification.

Dutch Canopies

A cost-effective solution for shading and advertising. Our Dutch canopies can either be retractable or fixed. These are manufactured from anodised aluminium framework.  Again, you can choose a fabric from our wide range.  Dutch canopies have been popular Commercial Canopies over the years and are still in demand. Sign writing can be painted on to the cover or valance depending on your requirements.

Fixed Commercial Canopies

A simply styled yet effective fixed canopy.  They canopies are manufactured from anodised aluminium profile.  You can choose from a triangular shaped design to a curved shape. We will cover the awning in your choice of fabric.  You can also have signwriting on the cover.  These canopies are great for promoting your business.  They lend themselves to sign writing on the flat panels.  Additionally you can have this on the fixed upstands/freehanging valances.  In short, they are resilient canopies and will look striking on your shopfront.

Butterfly Canopies

What better way to achieve maximum coverage of your outside commercial area than with this butterfly system? With folding arm retractable awnings fitted on to a framework, you can maximise the use of your exterior space. Additionally you’ll know that you have a sturdy structure in place.  The Markilux Syncra is an example of this type of awning.  It has two round or square posts combined with a substantial cross beam.  Therefore, you can be sure of this butterfly system’s durability.

Retractable Roof Systems

An alternative type of commercial canopy.  These retractable roof systems provide protection in most weather conditions.  Have a look at the Weinor Plaza Viva.  This can be supplied to maximum dimensions of 6m x 5m.  As a result, it will give you the opportunity to be outside whether it’s sunny, windy or raining.  There’s an optional telescopic post which allows water to effectively drain off.  You can choose your material from our wide range of fabrics.  Therefore you can create a practical yet bespoke canopy. The installation of this system will give you are more usable outside space.  Therefore, it can provide you with additional seating for potential customers.  Additionally, it will eliminate the worry of our unpredictable weather conditions.

To sum up, whatever reason you’re looking for a commercial canopy, we can supply one to suit.

For more information on any of our commercial canopies, please contact us.