Commercial Canopy

Butterfly Awning
Awning to cover glass roof

Commercial Canopy

If you want to advertise your business, you should think about a Commercial Canopy. That it to say, a quality canopy will enhance your shopfront thus making it stand out.  Additionally, it creates practical benefits.  For instance, you might want to shade the inside of your shop.  For example, you may have valuable clothes or furniture which need protecting from sunlight and possible fading.  Alternatively, you might want to increase your restaurant’s seating capacity.  You realise you could achieve this by utilising your outside space.  However you need some form of covering.  Hence, by installing a Commercial Canopy, you can create a protected seating area.  Therefore, it can be used during hot, sunny spells or during the rainy times.

What type of Commercial Canopy?

We have been supplying commercial canopies for many years. Therefore, we can advise you on the best canopy for your property. For instance, you might want a fixed triangular or curved shaped design. This provides sun protection inside. Furthermore, you have ample space to add your sign writing so it will be easily visible.  Alternatively, you may prefer a folding arm system. We work with Markilux and Weinor to provide quality framework and fittings.  You can have a standard model which will give you adequate shading and be easy to operate.  Another option, is to have a full cassette whereby your awning is full encased. This protects your cover and working parts during all weather conditions.  If you want a more permanent structure, we can supply systems with upright poles to support your canopy.

A product that’s becoming popular due to alfresco ‘living’ is the butterfly design.  Two awnings projecting either side from a fixed framework. This creates a great coverage for an outdoor space.

Traditional Victorian Awnings

A Commercial Canopy not to be forgotten is the Traditional Canopy or Awning.  It has been around for many years and we still make it in our factory.  We’ve retained much of the original design which customers still value.  Of course, we’ve updated some of the parts but principally it remains the same.  Not only does it look great with its traditional features, but it’s practical.  With projecting arms, it provides both shade and rain protection.  The optional addition of side curtains creates a private, protected area.  Again, if you want to promote your business, you can choose sign writing for your cover and valance.

To sum up

With different types of commercial canopies available, there’s one for you.  Each canopy is made to your requirements so you will have a bespoke product. Consequently, you can customise your design, fabric and sign writing.

Whatever your Commercial Canopy requirements are, please contact us and we can help you with your selection.