Conservatory Roof Blinds

Have you had a conservatory fitted and are now looking for Conservatory Roof Blinds?  As you know, a conservatory is a cost-effective way to bring extra space and light to your home.  Whether you choose a Victorian, Edwardian or Lean-To design, you’ve created another room and extra space.  Perhaps you now have a light filled room overlooking the garden.  Maybe somewhere to sit with a cuppa and or a dining space.  Alternatively, you might now have a playroom or office space. 

Whatever your room has become, it will be light and bright.  However, it will probably be HOT in the Summer and COLD in the Winter! That’s where we can help. Our Conservatory Roof Blinds are made to measure.  Therefore, we can fit a suitable blind system depending on the style of your conservatory roof. For instance, if you have shaped windows, there will be angles and panels to measure. Our experienced representative will take these measurements and make sure he has all the necessary information to manufacture the best blinds for you.

Roof Lantern Blinds

You can choose from a wide choice of fabrics to reduce the glare in your room.  Some fabrics will allow light through or you might prefer one from our blackout range.  These are particularly great for bedrooms and TV rooms.  Your roof lantern blind will be electrically operated, again our representative can discuss options with you. For example, you can have a wire free wall switch or a remote control handset.  These blinds are easy to operate and neat in appearance.  They have side channels and head boxes so are well tensioned.

Pleated Blinds

Another tensioned product is our pleated blind, so again this is a neat design.  This type of blind suits angled window designs.  For example, they can be made to fit Edwardian and Victorian roof shapes without sagging. The blinds can be moved along the guide wires at any point to allow extra light in.  We have a large range of fabrics including ones to help control the conservatory temperature.

Roller Blinds

A cost-effective way to control the heat and glare in your conservatory.  With a huge choice of fabrics, you’ll find something that is practical and complements your home decor.  Again, the blinds can have a heat reflective backing.  This not only keeps the conservatory cooler in the summer but warmer in the winter.  The blinds can be operated with a pole but more popular these days is electric operation since a remote control is so easy to use.

If you would like some more information on our Conservatory Roof Blinds, please contact us.