Domestic Free Standing Pergola

Domestic Free Standing Pergola

Radiant Blinds & Awnings can offer the perfect solution for covering an open area, even when you don’t have a wall to fix an awning to.

There are many different free standing pergola domestic solutions to suit different budgets which range from a simple louvered roof system, operated by remote control to a system with LED lights, heaters and drop down screens or sliding doors.  All of these systems can be joined to create a larger area of coverage.

Their main attraction is that they act as shelter from the midday and late afternoon sun (if you add screens) and they offer great shading and are therefore the ideal place to eat or work under.

The free standing domestic pergolas can be as wide as 7m by 4.5m deep due to the steel reinforced aluminium side channels.  These side channels incorporate a drainage system that will take the water to a predetermined down pipe in the legs.  Some systems have a snow loading as well.

We require a solid base for us to fix into and are happy to work with builders, landscape gardeners or groundworks teams so as to ensure adequate provision is made, depending on the sizes of system required.  If there is to be heating, screens and LED lights then a power supply will also be needed.  We can recommend an electrician should you need one.

The free standing pergola domestic systems we offer are all remote controlled and come with sun, wind and rain sensors.  For example, if a spot of rain hits the sensor then the louvres will close.  Everything is controlled by a remote control but you can override should you need to.  This means you can relax and if there is any inclement weather it will close itself and you don’t need to be around to do it.

Options for the Free Standing Domestic Pergola

There are various options to consider with the domestic freestanding pergolas which include;

LED lights in the roof or legs, RGB lights in the roof or legs, different frame colours, glass sliding doors, wooden sliding doors, motorised drop down screens, remote controlled heaters.

If you would like further information on our range of free standing pergola for domestic use, please feel free to contact us we would be delighted to help.