Electric Awnings UK

Some of our most recent Electric Awnings Installations

Retractable Awnings

With the click of a button your electric awning can be easily opened and closed by a remote control unit. No further need for winding handles which can be difficult to use. Instead you can have electric controls to operate your awning. You can quickly extend or retract your awning to exactly where you want it. In addition you can choose to have sun and wind sensors. The wind sensor will automatically retract your awning when there are strong winds . This helps prevent damage and give you peace of mind. Sun sensors work by automatically lowering your awning in strong sunlight. You can also have lighting incorporated into your awning creating a lovely ambience during the evening.

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Commercial Electric Awnings

How many times has a member of staff used the winding handle and then forgotten to put it back in the designated place?  Suddenly you need to retract the awning but have to search around to find the missing operating handle.  Maybe you have customers sitting outside and you want to extend or retract the awning but they’re in the way and it’s awkward to ask them to move.  Remote control is the simple solution.  Keep the unit in a holder on the wall or just have a wall switch, either way the awning can be controlled easily.  No need to search for the handle, no need to disturb your customers, just click the button and the blinds will go in or out.

Worried about strong winds damaging your awning?  Have a wind sensor fitted and the awning will automatically retract when required. 

High Quality Awnings for your Home

No longer is an awning only for hot, summer days. With the additions of heating, lighting and weather sensor controls, your choice of patio awnings can be used at different times of the day/year. It will provide shade from the sun and protection from the rain (the awning is not be to be used in adverse weather conditions). Your garden or patio area becomes a space for relaxing or entertaining without the worry of getting too hot, cold or wet. As a great roof system, you will not need to worry that the awning is difficult to operate or too heavy to wind. The electric operation controls make it easy to open and close.  You can, therefore, create an additional outdoor space with little effort.

At Radiant, we have experienced representatives who can help you decide on the best electric awning for your garden or patio or for business use.  We are able to advise on the electric controls, lighting, heating as well as open cassette design and colour choice. You can also read more about our systems if you look at the Weinor and Markilux websites