Electric Blinds For Roof Lanterns & Skylights

Electric Blinds for Roof Lanterns and Skylights
Electric Blinds For Roof Lanterns & Skylights really can transform your living space.

Radiant Blinds and Awnings supplies Electric Blinds for Roof Lanterns and Skylights which have become one of the most popular additions to any modern home. Builders are installing these glass features to newly renovated homes as well as new builds.  The glass fills the room with wonderful natural light giving an airy feel to any space and offer a real focal point.  Additionally they bring the outside inside 365 days a year and have truly changed the way in which we use our homes.  Today we prefer much larger open planned living areas. Glass ceilings, along with bifold doors, are the perfect solution for many homes.  Along with this natural light there can also be a down side.  As a result, at Radiant, we supply and install a range of Electric Blinds for Roof Lanterns & Skylights.

If your home is south facing then even on a cloudy day the room can become unbelievably hot.  When the sun breaks out, it somehow supercharges through your roof lantern or skylight resulting in heat, glare and UV.  Consequently this will fade furniture and floors.  Furthermore these conditions can make mealtimes impossible as most tables tend to sit under the natural light.

So what can be done?

At Radiant we supply and install a range of Electric Blinds For Roof Lanterns & Skylights.

Our easy to use blinds consist of head boxes and side channels that look neat and tidy in any home.  Radiant offers a range of blinds depending on what is required. We use various materials including screen fabrics which will reduce the heat and glare but also allow you to see through them.  In addition we can offer you black out density fabrics which are ideal for bedrooms and cinema rooms.  Another option is an external grade fabric that is completely opaque but will allow some light into the room depending on the colour you choose.

The metalwork is generally white but we can power coat this in any RAL colour should you wish.  You can operate the blinds from a remote control handset or a wire free wall switch.  Our fitters can even link them together with electric blinds for your Bifold door.  Therefore you will only have one remote control operating all of the blinds in the same area.  At Radiant we understand the end result you want to achieve.  In view of this we offer a selection of electric blinds depending on your needs.

Electric Operation

Customers generally do not like any visible wires or cables when their blind is retracted.  Therefore with expert advice we will guide you though all of the different options available.  All our electric blinds are 240v so you need to make sure you have an adequate power supply in place for us to connect the blind to.  Our Radiant representatives are available to liaise with your builders or electricians to make sure the correct power supply is installed to the correct place.

To conclude,  if you need any help or information on Electric Blinds For Roof Lanterns & Skylights call or email us.  We will be happy to pop out and take a look and explain exactly what you need and give you a free quotation.

We even have a dedicated website for electric blinds for roof lanterns & skylights take a look!!

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