FARA Foundation Shop – Fulham

Client: FARA
Location: Fulham
Job: Folding arm awning

Fara Charity Shop, Fulham Road, New Foldaway Awning covered in acrylic materialWe supplied this fantastic new awning for a FARA Foundation shop in Fulham. It’s a manually operated folding arm awning so can be fully extended or stopped in any position by using the winding handle. At the end of the day or in adverse weather conditions, the awning can be fully retracted to protect the cover and the folding arms.
This awning really matches in well with the shopfront by using a grey acrylic material which was cut and stitched in our factory. The customer did not require any company branding on the cover but the overall appearance is smart and ties in well with the facia and shopfront.
Radiant Blinds Ltd is always pleased to work with such an important charity.