Four Hundred Rabbits – London

400 rabbits

Four Hundred Rabbits – London

We carried out the installation of a new cover at Four Hundred Rabbits in Nunhead, London, SE15.

We removed the existing cover from the Traditional Awning. We checked the frame and made minor adjustments/repairs as needed. We then manufactured a new cover from blue acrylic material with a matching straight valance. This cover was made in our factory by our experienced team and then signwritten to our client’s requirements. The new cover was fitted on to the existing roller and front lath. Our fitters checked the installation and left everything in good working order before leaving site.

Radiant Blinds is experienced in repairing and recovering existing blinds and awnings. The main awning structure can be used if it is in good condition. We can then fit a new cover which can alter the shopfront appearance. This is a cost effective way of revamping a site.

Awning & Canopy Recovers & Repairs

Four Hundred Rabbits specialises in sourdough pizza and craft beer.

Four Hundred Rabbits use mainly British ingredients and follow the seasons especially with their monthly specials.

It is both a restaurant and take away. Pizzas, beers, gelato and coffee are available to go. For this service, you can order on line, by phone or in person.

The restaurant doesn’t take bookings so just turn up. If they are busy, they will take your name and number so they can let you know when your table is ready via an app. Kids are welcome and all pizzas are available in half sizes at half the price.  They also have high chairs available. For further information, visit their website:


Nunhead’s name is believed to have been taken from a local inn named Nun’s Head and the name is first recorded in 1680. Today Nunhead is one of London’s ‘unique urban villages’ with independent retailing serving the local community. The ‘lovenunhead’ website, below, provides information on the history and current Nunhead services and its community.