Free Standing Awnings

Do you need an awning but don’t have a wall to fit it on to? For example, you may have a patio area away from your home or business which needs shading. With no wall on which to fix it, you could choose giant umbrellas to cover this space. These are great products but not necessarily the perfection solution. As an alternative, why not consider our Free Standing Awnings? Our experienced fitters could install a sturdy, free standing structure onto which your choice of awnings would be fitted. This is commonly known as a goalpost system. Depending on your needs and the amount of space available, you can have an awning fitted onto one or both sides of this framework.

Butterfly Awnings

If you have an awning fitted on each side, it’s referred to as a Butterfly Awning.  One of the systems we recommend is the German Markilux Syncra.  It’s a stable unit so popular for schools, restaurants, cafes, bars and homes. The framework has stabilisation boxes so there’s no need for you to have ground works undertaken.  Some of our clients have chosen to have seating on top of the boxes for their customers’ use.  Have a look at an installation we carried out at Thyme & Tides in Hampshire.

Other Free Standing Awning Systems

If you only want an awning on one side of the freestanding unit, this is also available. The Markilux Syncra Uno is a good quality unit supporting one awning.

Should you require additional stability, we recommend the Markilux Syncra Pergola which has posts to provide extra stability.


Should you be concerned about your customers or yourselves sitting outside on a chilly day we can fit heaters underneath the goal posts.  Therefore, your outside space can become an area to be used all year round.

Free Standing Awning Controls

With regarding to operating your free standing awnings, you can choose either manual or electric controls.  Remote controls are becoming increasingly popular since they are so easy to use. If you have awnings on the butterfly system, each one can be operated independently.


All of our awnings are covered in high quality fabrics.  You can choose from an extensive range of colours and patterns.  If you would like the framework powder coated to match, we can offer a wide selection of colours.

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