Free Standing Louvered Roof System

Radiant Blinds caterer for all types of outdoor shading including the Free Standing Louvered Roof System, this whole structure is free standing so we do not need any walls to fix too, all we need is a flat suitable base to drop the unit onto and each corner will need to be anchored to the ground.

What you get with this type of system is unlike any standard awning, the whole roof is made up of aluminium slats that can be completely flat to keep out any wind or rain and at the touch of a button you can rotate the slats up to 135 degrees to allow the Sun to flood in.

The whole structure including the roof slats are made of aluminium which is powder coated to give it the perfect finish and protect it from the elements, these really are the best weatherproof solutions we have available in the UK with built in gutters to make sure the rain runs away in the direction required and they even have a snow load. So that’s the rain and snow taken care of but how about the wind, well these have also been tested to winds speeds of 160km/h.

As we all these systems they are completely modular, with sizes going up to 4000mm x 7000mm, if you have a larger area to cover then we couple two or more units together so the sizes and possibilities are endless,  these really are ideal for any residential or commercial application.

As with all these units we can add LED lighting and heating so they can be used all year round, other options also include side blinds, again electrically operated essentially creating a wall on one or more  side to completely enclose the structure.

These Free Standing Louvered Roof Systems do need a solid padstone in each corner, we are happy to help with builders, landscape gardeners or groundworks teams to make sure adequate provision is made depending on the sizes of system required, they are motorised or if you are adding lighting and heating then a power supply will also be needed.

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