Gail’s Bakery – Putney

Client: Gail’s Bakery
Location: Putney, SW15
Job: Folding arm awning Refurbishment

Gails Bakery Putney

Gail’s Bakery, Putney Refurbishment

This folding arm awning refurbishment is the latest GAIL’s project for Radiant Blinds. Radiant Blinds was able to re-use the existing folding arm framework at this Putney premises to minimise expenditure for GAIL’s. They manufactured new covers and matching valances using the GAIL’s corporate red acrylic material. This was cut, stitched and mounted on to the existing awning framework.

Radiant Blinds has their own factory where the manufacturing process takes place. It is stocked with awning framework, components, spare parts and fabric. Additionally, there is a range of traditional and modern machinery which is operated by an experienced, skilful workforce. Each client has an assigned representative who works with them from the initial enquiry to the completion of their order. Often this involves liaising with builders/shopfitters/electricians/architects/specifiers/designers to create the most suitable awning/refurbishment for their clients’ projects. There is also an efficient office team who are there to offer support during and after the sales process.

Common values

Radiant Blinds has worked with GAIL’s on many projects and believe they have many common values. GAIL’s pride themselves in using the finest ingredients combined with skilful bakers to create their quality loaves. Similarly, Radiant believes in sourcing top grade components combined with skilled workers to produce quality blinds and awnings. GAIL’s uses traditional methods which have been passed down over hundreds of years.This is similar to Radiant Blinds who uses many of the traditional methods established in the late 1890s and combine these with modern technology and concepts.

Gails Bakery & Radiant Blinds

The first GAIL’s bakery opened in Hampstead High Street, London in 2005. They now have 38 bakeries where they produce bread, cakes, pastries, coffee, breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. This GAIL’ s bakery is found in Putney, South West London.  This is an area close to Radiant Blinds’ heart. Tony Dean who established Radiant Blinds was the grandson of John Dean.  He was the founder of the renowned Deans blind making business originating in Putney Bridge Road. Tony Dean inherited this business but sold it in the 1960s.  He then turned his attention to Radiant Blinds. This continues to be a family run business.  Radiant Blinds is very proud of its heritage yet keen on moving it forward to incorporate modern practices.

Radiant Blinds wishes GAIL’s continued success and looks forward to working with them on their future projects. For more information regarding this wonderful bakery, go to their website