Garden Canopies

Garden Canopy with upright supports
Patio area covered by Garden Canopy

Garden canopies come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe you have a small patio area to cover.  Alternatively you might have a large terrace.  Either way, we can supply a garden canopy to meet your needs. You can choose your own design from one of our many folding arm canopies. If you want a simple model, we can offer one of the Markilux or Weinor canopies. Another option is a highly sophisticated full cassette awning with integral lighting. Once again Markilux and Weinor have different systems on offer.  You have many options to choose from and we can give you advice to help with your selection.

We’ve been manufacturing canopies and awnings for many years.  Thus we have a wealth of experience within the industry.  We strive to supply good quality products combined with an efficient service. We enjoy working with our customers to supply bespoke blinds, awnings and canopies.  As a family business, we understand the importance of every customer.  From initial enquiry, to completion of your order, we aim to provide an individual service to meet your expectations.

Manual and Electric controls for Garden Canopy

In these unpredictable times, many people are staying in their homes.  Instead of moving, they are renovating, updating and enhancing them. Consequently, garden canopies have become increasingly popular. Some of our customers want to extend their living areas into the garden.  Outdoor furniture is popular.  Therefore, to enable the area to be used in varying weather conditions, garden canopies come into their own.

Manual and electric controls allow the awnings to extend and retract.  Consequently, this provides whatever covering is required. The manual control option is a detachable winding handle. Providing the canopy is not too large, this is quite easy to use.  However, many customers are now choosing electric controls. A remote control is such an easy way to operate the canopy.  You don’t even need to move from the comfort of your chair.  Another option is sun and/or wind sensors. These ensure your canopy moves according to the weather conditions even if you are out and about.

Garden Canopy covers

You can create an extension of your home in your outside area by choosing a material which blends in with your interior furnishings.  We have a wide choice of plain and patterned fabrics which can compliment your home décor. Your garden canopy can help create an exterior seating area, a dining space or an alfresco office.  With optional extras such as extending valances, side curtains and supporting poles, garden canopies provide a practical outside area which can be used come rain or shine.

For more information on any of our garden canopies, please contact us here at Radiant Blinds and Awnings.