Garden Canopy

A garden canopy means different things to different people. At Radiant Blinds & Awnings we provide a wide range of products which can be referred to as garden canopies.  For example, our Markilux Pergola is a type of Garden Canopy.  It is available as a single canopy or multiple canopies coupled together to accommodate vast widths of up to 12000mm.

Smaller widths can have a projection of 6000mm making a very versatile way to cover large ‘garden/patio’ areas for homes, restaurants, pubs and bars.

Fabrics for your Garden Canopy

The fabric is held captive inside the side channels using the Markilux TracFix system meaning there is NO gap between side channel and fabric.  Consequently, this gives a great appearance and provides good stability in windy conditions.

Garden Canopy Controls

Operation via remote control or wire free wall switch.

Shade Plus

The Markilux Pergola is also available with a Shade Plus. This is an adjustable front valance that can be lowered to aid shading on the front elevation.  It can also provide privacy and can be up to 230cm high.

Adjustable posts

The front legs of your Garden Canopy need to be secured to the ground in a suitable location.  However, the side channels can overhang the front legs by up to 300 cm giving additional shade.  The front legs can be round or square.  You can also have an adjustable leg to aid rain water run off.


The Markilux Pergola also has the option of adding LED lighting.  This can be in the guide tracks, the cover support tube or both.

Additional information

The Markilux Pergola Garden Canopy is also available in a Compact Version up to 4500mm wide with a 4000mm projection.  As a result it’s ideal for most residential installations.

The metalwork can be from any of the Standard Markilux colours but can be powder coated in any RAL colour for an additional cost.

If you would like additional information on this type of Garden Canopy, please contact us.

You can also view this Markilux product and others on the Markilux website

Framework for Garden Canopy
Garden Canopy
Garden Canopy with upright supports
Patio area covered by Garden Canopy