Hospital Blinds

When considering blinds for hospitals, dental & doctor’s practices, care homes and other healthcare establishments, it’s important to use a company with experience in this area. At Radiant Blinds, we have worked with the NHS and private medical practices, so we understand that there are many considerations that need to be taken into account. For example, the NHS has budget requirements and there are often deadlines to be met. The types of blinds installed also need to be durable and relatively low maintenance.

Our made to measure range of Hospital Blinds include rollers, verticals and venetians. For blind materials, we have a selection of the following fabrics: flame retardant, wipeable PVC, screen fabrics, dimout, heat reflective, anti-bacterial and blackout. Infection is key and we therefore supply a range of anti-microbial fabrics, including our Palette and Banlight ranges.

Additionally, we supply cassetted systems which fully encase the blinds, thus making them totally blackout. All our blinds comply with safety regulations and are therefore anti-ligature. They are also durable and low maintenance. Not only do our blinds provide light control, but also privacy which is important in a hospital environment.

Hospital Blind Controls

The most cost-effective way of controlling the blinds is manually by cords or crank handles, however we also have a variety of automated options. These are often used when the windows are difficult to reach. They also allow patients to have control over their own blinds which is especially important when patients have limited mobility and want to adjust conditions in their rooms. A remote control can be used as an easy way to raise or lower the blinds. If there is too much light in the room or it’s too hot/cold, the blinds can be easily adjusted.

Not only are blinds required for patient areas, but also staff rooms.  Again, this might be for privacy and/or light control. 

Cubicle Rails

Another of our popular products are our cubicle rail systems.  Whether you want straight or shaped rails, all of ours are made to measure so can fit to the area required.  They are also low maintenance and resilient.  The slim design complies with NHS requirements and the curtains can be removed easily from the tracks if necessary.  Our cubicle rails not only provide privacy, but can also be used as effective room dividers. 

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