Markilux 3300 Pur Awning

Markilux 3300 Awnings – Residential Property

Three Markilux 3300 Pur awnings installed on a private residence in Surrey. All wireless remote controlled operated. This type of awning is not only for private but also commercial use.  The Markilux 3300 Pur is really popular due to its tight fit to the wall and robust cassette design. The double gutter on the Marilux 3300 Pur allows water to run off to the sides. All screws and assembly components are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the arms run in Teflon-coated bushes. The bionic tendon makes handling smooth and easy. The shades of white or grey of all functional elements blend perfectly with the broad variety of fabrics – even waterproof ones: ideal for the long run through all seasons.

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