Markilux 3300 Pur

Markilux 3300 Pur from Radiant Blinds and Awnings

The Markilux 3300 Pur awning is known within the Markilux range as ‘The Practical One’.  Its robust design makes it a reliable, stable installation for domestic and commercial premises.

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Markilux 3300 Pur domestic installations

The Markilux 3300 Pur is an awning which can be incorporated into the structure of your home. Its design includes a smooth front profile which can retract fully into a wall or recess. Due to its robust design, you can extend the awning to a maximum of 7 x 4m. If you have a larger area than this, you can have three adjoining awnings to cover the space ie a coupled unit. It is very popular awning for modern homes with its square lines and angular design.

Markilux 3300 Pur awning controls

Depending on the size of the awning you choose and what your preference is, there are different types of controls. You can manually operate it with a detachable winding handle. Alternatively, you can have a hard wired motor, silentec motor or radio controlled motor.


You can choose the cover for your awning from a wide selection of fabrics. These are water resistant and dirt proof. Therefore it can complement your home colours to give a consistency to the interior and exterior furnishings.

Markilux 3300 Pur commercial installations

The Markilux 3300 Pur is very popular in the commercial market for various reasons. For instance, it fits tightly against the wall. It also has a sturdy construction with a cassette design. In addition, the awning also has a double gutter which allows water to run off at the sides. All fittings and screws are manufactured from a corrosion-resistant stainless steel.  Your awning will be complete with ‘bionic tendon’ folding arms which make the handling smooth and easy.

If you would like further information on this product, please contact us.  You can also look at one of our installations on our project page.  All of our awnings are made to measure so we can discuss the options with you and manufacture an awning to suit your requirements.


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