Markilux 730/830 Awning

Markilux 730/830 Awning

The Markilux 730/830 awning is a drop arm cassette system.  These drop arms have gas pressure springs giving a smooth control. You can also be assured that your cover will have the best fabric tension.  Each awning is complete with a front profile and a spring-assisted locking mechanism.

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Markilux 730/830 Awning cassettes

With the Markilux 730, you have a square cassette. With the Markilux 830 you have a round cassette as illustrated below.

Square cassette – Markilux 730

Side view of Markilux awning cassette
Markilux 730 Awning

Round cassette – Markilux 830

Closer side view of Markilux awning cassette
Markilux 830 Awning

We recently installed the Markilux 730 drop arm system with its square cassette to a McArthy & Stone development in Kingston, Surrey. It was the perfect solution to the small windows on this property. The steep pitch provided excellent shading and the overall appearance was compact and neat.

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