Markilux 8800 – Camden Market – London

Retractable Roof System

Work started this week at Camden Market, London on new retractable zip tensioned roof systems. One of our install teams worked through the night to install them at 5 metres from the ground. A challenging project as crossbeams were also installed in order to support the Markilux 8800 track system. The systems are controlled by a wireless handset all linked to a wireless wind sensor to close them automatically if it gets too windy.
This type of awning gives very good coverage which allows for large areas to be covered quickly. Offering great sun protection the UV filtering fabric is light enough to let the sun through, even on overcast days. Each awning will be overlapping each other by 500mm so that there are no gaps in between.

About Markilux 8800
The 8800 track fix system has zips down the side meaning the fabric is zipped together as it opened. This keeps the fabric taught and as such you have less sagging compared to other non-zipped options. It is safe for lateral fabric guidance, without a gap between the cover and the guide tracks (maximum size of single cover: 30 square metres). The head unit is a round cassette with angular guide tracks which gives it a contemporary look.

Radio-controlled motor and wireless remote control are used as standard and there is the option of linking multiple units.

There is a huge choice of fabrics to choose from and all designs of the current Markliux collection are on offer.

Get in touch today if you have similar requirements or need advise and solutions for shading a large area.