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Markilux Awnings provide a wide range of solutions for outside shading.  Whether you are looking for an awning for your home or business, Markilux has all those areas covered.  As an authorised dealer in the United Kingdom, we supply the framework to your requirements.  We then cover this in a fabric selected from our extensive range.

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Designed and manufactured in Germany, Markilux products are top quality results of German engineering in terms of metalwork and fabric.  There is a wide choice of RAL colours for the framework.  Additionally, there are 160 awning fabrics.  Therefore, there is something for everyone.  Whether you want a robust awning system or a small, lightweight installation, we can supply an awning to meet your requirements.

In addition to the awning, we can supply some extra (optional) features including infra-red heaters, LED lighting, sun and wind sensor controls.

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Commercial Awnings

A great choice for bars, restaurants, hotels, cafes, clubs and many other types of business.

If you need extra seating, shading or any other additional space, this is a cost-effective way to fulfill those outdoor living needs.  You can also attract more customers and provide them with protection from the weather.  Alfresco dining and drinking has become very popular in recent years.  We have installed commercial awnings for many customers wanting to create an outside seating area.  Additionally, you can promote your business by applying signwriting or logos to the fabric.  You will stand out from the crowd.

In the summer months, these awnings help with shading both the interior of the premises and sun protection outside.  In the cooler months, the heaters keep your customers warm.  Additionally, the water-resistant covers protect them enabling the same outside area to be used (except in adverse weather conditions).

Residential Patio Awnings

Whether you are relaxing at home or entertaining, an awning from Markilux can provide shade on hot days and also weather protection should those raindrops descend.  There are many types of awnings available for large garden areas to small patios and balconies.  Each awning is made to your specification.

Therefore our experienced representative can discuss whatever requirements you have.  This will enable you to purchase the most suitable awning for your needs. We can also help with the colour selection from the large range of plain and patterns available.

General Information

Markilux product prices are competitive for this type of system.  At Radiant we only supply quality products so our clients can have confidence in the durability and efficiency of our installations.  For more information on the Markilux products, visit our pages: Markilux 1700 Stretch awning, Markilux 3300 Pur, Markilux Planet Awning, Markilux 730/830 Awning,  Markilux Pergola Awning, Markilux Syncra system,  Markilux Markant Awning or visit the Markilux website at: .

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Markilux Pergola System
Markilux Syncra for outdoor pub
Markilux Syncra system used as pub awning
markilux stretch project
Markilux Stretch Project patio canopy