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 markilux markant awning from Radiant Blinds

The Markilux Markant Awning is an outstanding product.  It’s ideally suited for high end outdoor areas. Consequently it allows you spend as much time as possible outside.  As a result, this awning system forms an exclusive bespoke area.  Therefore, you can use this space to socialise and entertain. Alternatively you can just relax knowing that you have protection against the sun, rain and wind.

This Markilux Markant Awning is a freestanding unit.  It’s supported on four posts.  It has prefabricated openings within the cover. Hence, these openings allow rainwater to drain off the cover via the corner posts.

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Material for your Markilux Markant Awning

We have a selection of materials for your cover and vertical blinds.  You can choose from a range of plain or patterned fabrics.  These provide UV protection. They also have a resistance against rain, light and temperature changes. There are 2 main ranges, Sunsilk and Sunvas.

Optional extras

There are several optional additions:

  • LED lighting
  • Vertical cassette blinds
  • Infrared heaters

The vertical cassette blinds provide additional weather protection and privacy.  Therefore, you can create an exterior room from this stand alone unit. Alternatively it can be integrated into the existing architecture.   In summary, this Markilux Markant Awning creates a functional outdoor space.

markant awning
 markilux markant

If you would like further information on this product or others within the Markilux range, please visit our product page or get in touch.

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