Markilux Pergola Awning

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Markilux Pergola Awning

Do you have a patio which you can’t fully use due to the weather? Is it too hot? Too wet? If so, the Markilux Pergola Awning may be the answer.  This awning system is supported on slim upright posts.  It also has side guide tracks so the fabric can provide shading of up to 6 metres.

Is your patio area too windy to use?  The Markilux Pergola Awning has a wind and weather resistance of up to Beaufort 6. This is a wind resistance class 3.

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Optional extras for the Markilux Pergola Awning


Shadeplus /drop valance


LED line/LED spotlights

Silentec motor

Radio-controlled motor

Stabilisation boxes

Closed full cassette

Markilux Pergola Awning Closed full cassette

The Markilux Pergola Awning is a full cassette design.  The cover retracts into the cassette and is therefore fully protected.

Markilux sundrive

Markilux pergola sundrive

An optional extra, this integrated solar panel controls the Shadeplus motor. In short, when the awning is extended, the front profile and the guide tracks match up exactly.

Markilux Shadeplus

Markilux Shadeplus

Shadeplus is an additional vertical blind which is integrated into the front profile so it not only cuts out low lying sun but also provides privacy. It can be up to 230 cm in height.

Markilux Pergola Awning Tracfix

Markilux tracfix

Lateral fabric guidance means there is no gap between the cover and the guide track. Thereby, it creates a smooth overall appearance. In addition this pergola system provides better wind stability.

Adjustable post

Markilux Adjustable post

Better water drainage occurs by lowering the front post to a maximum of 40cm.


Markilux LED-Line

Pergola lighting is an optional extra.  It can be supplied in the guide tracks or cover support tube.

Square support / baseplate covers

Markilux pergola Square support / baseplate covers

Providing a neat finish to the installation.

Stabilisation boxes for Markilux Pergola Awning

Markilux pergola Stabilisation boxes

If there are insufficient foundations, you can have these stabilization boxes for stability.

Stainless steel crankMarkilux pergola Stainless steel crank
With the stainless steel crank you can adjust the pergola posts to the required height.

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