Markilux Planet Awning

markilux planetMarkilux Planet Awning

Freestanding sun protection for wherever you choose

The Markilux Planet Awning is a freestanding unit – a mix between an umbrella and an awning.  The slim post is used to support your choice of Markilux model.

If you select The Markilux Planet Awning Flex, you can rotate it by 335° giving you the ability to choose where you want the shaded area.  It is a sturdy system but has the added bonus of being mobile.  You can operate the Flex easily by using a lever to lock/unlock and rotate it. You can also have the standard model which does not rotate.

Depending on your choice of Markilux, you can have various optional extras. For example, you can select lighting/Shadeplus system as shown below or electric controls. You can choose to have remote control for ease of opening and closing the awning.

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You can select the area you would like the Markilux Planet Awning to be installed. You will need a firm foundation for the fitting. Alternatively we can use the ground system providing the necessary footings for your Markilux Planet Awning.


We have a wide choice of materials available for the awning cover and the Shadeplus if you select this option. There are a variety of colours and patterns. Consequently you can create an awning to blend in with your surroundings.


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Markilux Planet Awning Shadeplus

You can have the Shadeplus as an optional extra. It helps protect against the low lying sun. Therefore you can utilise the area in comfort for longer.


markilux planet

Flex option  – as mentioned above, you can rotate the Markilux Planet Awning by up to 335° by the lever illustrated. The Flex can then be positioned wherever you require shading whilst leaving areas of sun where required.

If this product or anything else in the Markilux range interests you, please contact us.


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