Markilux 1700 Stretch Awning

Markilux Stretch awning

The Markilux 1700 Stretch Awning is the ideal awning for narrow patios, balconies and recesses.  In short, the two crossover arms mean that for installations with a narrow fitting space, your awning can project further than the width.  The Markilux stretch 1700 awning is a modern shaped, slim and compact awning.  Therefore it’s ideal if you have one of the mentioned areas.

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Markilux 1700 Stretch Awning controls

You can operate the Markilux 1700 awning with a detachable winding handle.  Alternatively you have the option of a hard wired motor.  You can also choose to have a silentec or radio controlled motor.

Framework & Components

The arms have a system referred to by Markilux as ‘bionic tendon’ which provide a smooth and quiet control.  Consequently they are durable giving them a longevity.  Therefore, you’ll find they are good value for money. 

As with all of the Markilux range, the framework and components are manufactured from high grade materials.  The quality control in place ensures that each awning has a long service life.  You can therefore have peace of mind that your awning will be of the highest standard.

Fabric for Markilux 1700 Stretch awning

With regards to your cover, we offer a wide choice of fabrics.  We can, therefore,  help you select a material in keeping with your home or exterior furnishings.  You can choose from an array of plain and patterned materials.  Additionally, you can have a matching valance as illustrated.

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Glossy chrome end caps create a smart, modern look to this awning.

You can see a recent installation of a Markilux 1700 Stretch awning on our project page.  This awning was the ideal solution to the narrow area.  Our clients wanted to provide some interior and exterior shade for this area.  Whilst the width was restricted, our clients wanted the awning to project in line with the conservatory.  The awning not only provides them with the shade they wanted, but it looks modern and in keeping with their home.


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