O ver Italian – Southwark Street

Client: O ver Italian
Location: Southwark Street SE1
Job: Traditional Victorian Awnings

O Ver Italian

We supplied 3 Traditional Victorian Awnings at this Neapolitan restaurant in Southwark Street, London. Many of the components used in the manufacture of these awnings have not altered much over the years. For example we still use hardwood cheeks and timber front laths and tackers. The arms are designed to the exact requirements of the building and are bent to suit by hand just as when the Victorians designed them. We have replaced the old style wooden boxing with a more durable, weather resistant aluminium casing. We also still use a cast pull down plate and pull down pole. These, together with the other components, can be painted to match or contrast with the shopfront. In this case the customer chose black for the framework and black acrylic material for the covers. The main cover was signwritten with the company logo whilst the ones either side just had the valances painted with wording chosen by the client.
The shopfront looks striking with these new awnings. ‘O ver’ derives from Neapolitan dialect and means ‘Truth’.The restaurant uses pure sea water to make their pizzas resulting in less sodium and more minerals being used. This delicious, healthy Neapolitan street food is freshly prepared every day and they have dishes suitable for vegetarians and vegans. They not only serve pizzas but delicious pastas, vegetable dishes and great desserts. Have a look at their website to learn more about the restaurant and their menus.