Panel Blinds

Radiant Blinds supply and install a whole range of sliding Panel Blinds

So what are Panel Blinds? They are large pieces of fabric that slide on a track. This track can either be face fixed to a wall or top fixed to a ceiling. The size of the track depends on the amount of fabric panels you have.  They are really designed to cover very large expanses of glass and look absolutely fantastic. Each fabric panel will slide in front of the other.  Therefore you can cover very large areas.  Additionally, when you want the light, they will stack neatly to either side of the window.

….For your home

Panel Blinds are very modern in design. As a result they fit the more contemporary style of decor. For example, tall windows, patio doors and large glazed areas. They are a great way of shading a room. Additionally they provide much needed privacy especially if you are overlooked.

You can also use Panel Blinds as room dividers. Again this is a very useful perfect fit blind for open plan living areas. It divides an area without the need for spoiling the feel of a room by installing permanent doors or walls.

Panel Blinds offer huge amounts of flexibility. You can mix and match colours and textures for that complete personal design. They can become a real feature and not just something that shades your windows or patio doors. They are easy to use and very easy to install. Therefore if you have large windows that you are not sure what to do with take a look at some of the fabrics that are available. You can also scroll through the pictures below for some inspiration.

To see some of the fabrics available take a look at the gallery below, or visit the following website:

Panel Blinds

If you would like additional information, please contact us. Radiant Blinds also offers a wide product range of venetian blinds, vertical blinds, roman blinds and pleated blinds that are perfect fit for your home or business.