Recover Patio Awning Services

We see more patio awnings than ever before on homes nowadays. Some have been there for many years and are in need of a little TLC. Consequently at Radiant we offer a complete patio awning or garden awnings recover service.

More and more homes are now installing some kind of external shading to the rear of their properties. They could be folding arm awnings, retractable canopies or fixed canopies. Whichever type, they are becoming a familiar sight especially if your house is south facing.

External shading is a very efficient way of reducing the temperature inside your home. Additionally you have the benefit of being able to sit underneath it while entertaining or having a family meal. Our homes have changed dramatically over the last few years. We want to bring the outside inside. We also want to open up our houses to use the space all year round.

How can I update my awning?

If your awning has been there for a while and the fabric is past its best, please contact us. Alternatively you may have changed the decor in your home and the fabric really doesn’t go, if so call Radiant. We have a huge range of new fabric options for you to choose from. There are plain fabrics or striped fabrics in just about every colour you can imagine. We will also replace the valance to match whether it’s straight or scalloped. Depending on the type of awning or canopy you have, we may be able to recover it on site. Alternatively, we will remove the awning and bring it back to our factory. Our experienced team will dismantle it and recover it.  Afterwards, we will return to re-fit the awning. It doesn’t matter if the awning is manual or motorised. Radiant have been here since 1955 and have seen or worked on every awning on the market.

Also if you have an awning that has stopped working we may be able to replace the motor or gearbox. This will depend on what awning it is and if the parts are still available.

Types of Patio Awnings that we can Recover

Below is a list of the types of awning and canopies installed to many homes that we recover on a daily basis.

  1. Open Folding Arm Awning
  2. Semi Cassette Folding Arm Awning
  3. Full Cassette Folding Arm Awning
  4. Victorian Awning
  5. Drop Arm Awning
  6. Retractable Dutch Canopy
  7. Fixed Dutch Canopy
  8. Fixed Triangular Canopy

Click on the before & after pictures below to see the difference a Patio Awning Recover can make a difference

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