Patio Canopies Shading Solution

Very wide patio canopies are possible
A stunning Patio Canopy
Private House Patio canopies
Private House, SW14 AFTER recover motorised awning in acrylic material

Patio Canopies provide a shading solution for extra outdoor space

Would you like to create some extra space without the hassle and expense of building a conservatory or summer room?

How about considering one of our Patio Canopies? Or they could also be known as door canopies. We have an extensive range if your budget is small.  Alternatively you may want to splash out on high spec designs.

Outdoor Dining Solutions

You may have a decked or patio area that lends itself to becoming something special. Maybe you want to entertain outside and create a lovely dining area. The worry is our weather. You can never be certain that it won’t rain. On other days, it might just be too sunny or hot to eat and drink outside. However, with the addition of one of our Patio Canopies (or door canopies),your outdoor dining space can still be used. You have a guaranteed outside dining space despite a sudden rain shower or intense sunlight.

With the addition of a canopy, your guests will be protected and able to enjoy being outside. If the weather should change during the day, you can of course extend or retract your canopy. There are manual controls for our Patio Canopies as well as electric options. You can have a wall switch, remote control or even sun and wind sensors. Other optional extras are lighting and heating allowing you to be outside even when it’s chilly or dark.

Patio Canopies help to make a Home Office

With more people working from home, Patio Canopies can create an ideal space for an outside office. You can, therefore, benefit from fresh air rather than being cooped up inside. An option with our Patio Canopies is the addition of a deep valance which can provide additional shading if you need this to reduce the glare when working on a screen.

Relax, Relax, Relax

Maybe you want to create an area to relax. You can visualise some comfy furniture sets with plump cushions. You might imagine yourself curled up with a good book. Perhaps its somewhere to sit with a cuppa or a place to a catch up with family and friends. You can use your artistic tendencies to create a unique space. Whether you choose neutral tones or bright summer colours, you can pick a fabric for your awning which blends in with your soft furnishings. We’ve so many colours and patterns to choose from, you’re sure to find something you like.

Our Patio Canopies and door canopies have been described as the ‘ideal cost-effective shading solution’. If you’d like to find out more about them, please contact us and we’ll be pleased to help with advice and a free estimate.