Patio Canopy

Light grey patio awning of house full side view
Weinor Cassita II patio canopy
Markilux 3300 patio canopy
Weinor Cassita II patio canopy
Folding Arm Awning sun canopy
Weinor Opal 2 patio canopy
MARKILUX-1710-STRETCH patio canopy

Patio Canopy come rain or shine

So what does this mean for you?

A patio canopy is becoming an increasingly popular addition to our properties as we spend more time enjoying our homes and gardens.  A canopy provides us with a means to spending quality time outside rather than retreating to our homes when it’s too sunny or raining.  For many of us, it means we make plans to entertain outside rest assured the weather will not ruin the occasion. Consequently, we can enjoy being outside whether the sun is shining brightly or even if the inevitable UK rain descends!  As we all know, in our unpredictable climate, we can’t always guarantee what the weather will do. Therefore, the addition of this type of sun shade is a great asset. (Obviously, canopies should not be used in adverse weather conditions).

Controls for your Patio Canopy

You can control your patio canopy either manually or electrically. With the manual controls, there is a detachable winding handle which you use to extend or retract your canopy.  You can stop it in any position due to the folding arms stabilising your canopy at your chosen point.  If you want to control your sun canopy electrically, this can be done by using a two-way switch, remote control or even sun and/or wind sensors.  With these sun/wind sensors, your patio canopy will extend when the sun beats down and retract when the wind starts blowing.

A Patio Canopy creates a multi-purpose area

A Patio Canopy helps to transform our patios into a multi-purpose zone.  For example, you can create a relaxing outdoor living space or an alfresco entertaining area.  In addition it’s somewhere for the kids to play or a shady area for a beloved pet.  Whatever your chosen purpose, this outdoor area is enhanced by the addition of a patio canopy.

At Radiant Blinds, we have a selection of makes and systems. Consequently, we can help you choose the best model for your needs and budget.  There is an extensive selection of canopies on the market but we only use quality systems. We want to know that our customers have a reliable canopy fitted by our experienced fitting team. As a result we can supply and install sun canopies to flats, bungalows, small homes and large houses with confidence.  We enjoy working with every customer to find the best solution for their requirements. Our sales team is experienced and dedicated.

Range of Sun Canopies

Our range of patio canopies includes Markilux and Weinor.  You can have a standard design which can perfectly serve its purpose.  With this, you’ll have a wide choice of materials so you can choose something which complements your colour scheme.  Alternatively, if you want a sophisticated canopy, we can manufacture one to your specification.  The framework can be a colour of your choice as well as your chosen fabric.  You can have sensors and integral heating/lighting.  Whatever your choice, it will provide you with a lovely multi-purpose outdoor living area.

If you would like information on a patio canopy or any other of our products, you can call or email us.  We can discuss your requirements and provide you with a written estimate.  With our wealth of knowledge and experience, we will make sure that you receive a canopy best suited to your needs.