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It’s great to have a patio….. An outdoor space to dine, sit or work from. You can enjoy the fresh air in the comfort of your home. However, as you probably know, it’s use can be limited. Our unreliable weather can cause havoc with your plans to be outdoors. No sooner have you set up in the garden than it starts to rain. Alternatively, it becomes too hot or sunny to enjoy being outside. Consequently, you have to move back inside and lose out on the benefits of being in your garden. What you need is a Patio Cover. Whether you choose a freestanding covering or something fixed to your wall, we can help.

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Outdoor Patio Covers

One option for covering your patio, is to have the material attached to a heavy duty roller. You can control the amount of covering by extending and retracting the folding arms. Such designs are made to measure. Therefore, you can choose a patio cover to meet your needs and budget. For example, you can have a simple, folding arm covering either manually or electrically operated.

The basic model will provide shading with a lovely cover in your choice of fabric. However, it will not have a hood to protect the cover so it’s more suitable if you have an overhang on your house rather than being exposed to the elements.

If you choose one of our full cassette designs, your cover and the working parts will be protected during all seasons. There’s also the middle ground option, a semi-cassette design.

Our experienced representative can explain about all the different types of available. They can also guide you through the different ways you can control them. For instance, there are some wonderful optional extras including integral heating and lighting. You can also have the addition of sun & wind sensors.

Freestanding Patio Cover

These covers are fitted either side of a goal post system. This gives extra coverage so you can have a fantastic covered outdoor space.

Cover and Framework

You can choose from a wide range of fabrics, both plain and patterned. Consequently, your outside area can be an extension of your interior. The colours of your Patio Covers can complement your interior furnishings. Not only can you choose your awning fabric but also your framework colour from our RAL range.

Patio Cover Controls

You can operate the different systems with a winding handle providing the cover is not too big. Alternatively, you can choose electric operation. This method of control has become increasingly popular. There are sophisticated options including remote control and as mentioned previously sun/wind sensors.

All of our Patio Covers are manufactured to a high standard. We supply quality products which give you confidence in their durability and effectiveness. We have a longstanding, experienced team who will ensure you get the best value for money.

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