Pleated Blinds

Purple pleated blind half-open in living room
Dark green blind behind sofa
Dark green blind shading a bathroom.
Black blind with green flower vase in front.
Black blind shading a green room.

Pleated Blinds are a window blind that can either be free hanging or tensioned

Pleated blinds can be manufactured to fit standard square or rectangular windows.  Additionally, you can have them fitted to shaped or triangular windows in a roof apex or a conservatory as conservatory blinds. They have a very thin head rail and bottom rail with a floating bar that the fabric is attached to sliding in between. This tensioned control system keeps the fabric taught with guide wires and springs inside the head rail.  This also allows you to install these blinds horizontally or at an angle without the fabric hanging down.  The free hanging system works in a similar way to any standard blind.  You pull a cord which will then raise the blind upwards. When you quickly release the cord, the Pleated Blind will lower again.

These perfect fit versatile blinds are ideal for smaller windows.  As they are compact, you have very little fabric stack at the top of a window.  For this reason, you can fit them just about anywhere in the home.

Fabric for the Pleated Blinds

The Duette style fabric has excellent thermal qualities. Consequently, the fabric will shade your windows perfectly.  Additionally, it will help to keep the heat in during those colder months.  You can even get a blackout density fabric.  This is especially useful for bedrooms or other rooms where you want to restrict the light coming in or have windows covered.

There is a huge range of fabric colours for Pleated Blinds.  Therefore, you are sure to find something that will match your decor.  You can have either plain or patterns.  Alternatively, you can select a fabric with a texture to pick out something similar in your soft furnishings.

You can even motorise your Pleated Blinds.  Therefore, you have the luxury of operating them from anywhere in the room with a remote-control system handset.  However a little forward planning is needed for this type of installation as all Pleated Blinds are 24v and require a transformer.

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Pleated Blinds