Radiant, a brief history….

A little bit about us….

The history of Radiant Blinds can be traced back to 1890 when John Dean formed Deans Blinds in Putney. John had considerable vision and travelled around the country selling his blinds and as the business progressed he had sales staff covering the whole of England, Wales and Southern Ireland. John’s sons’ Charles and Anthony Dean continued to run the company with Anthony branching out to form Radiant Blinds in 1955.

Radiant originally started as a department with Deans to make Venetian blinds but now operates as an independent company designing, making and fitting a vast range of blinds and awnings for both corporate and private clients. Radiant Blinds continues to be a family run business from the Deans family to the Atkinson family and now the Emerson family. It retains many of the traditional values with the incorporation of modern ideas and concepts. The management of Radiant Blinds respects each employee and will treat everyone fairly which creates a happy, harmonious and productive environment to work in. It’s a pretty lovely place to work really and a great team environment that is valued by us all.