Residential Folding Arm Awning – Cheam

At Radiant Blinds & Awnings, we specialise in bespoke awnings.  For example, take a look at this residential folding arm awning in Cheam.

All awnings have to be installed straight in order for the fabric to roll in and out of the housing unit.  This unit protects your fabric from the elements.  Sometimes shading is needed but a flat wall/straight run of wall is not available.  Therefore, we have to make bespoke steel brackets to get around the obstacle.  This residential folding arm awning in Cheam needed special brackets.

Residential Awning – Cheam – Surrey

Here, on this residential folding arm awning,  you can see there is a bay.  Consequently, the awning is fitted to stand off brackets.  These are bolted and chemically fixed into the brickwork.  The client chose a white powder coated framework with a UV protecting green cover.   Furthermore, the awning is controlled by a wireless remote control.

There has not yet been a property that we couldn’t produce a bracket for.  Steel work can be made into practically any shape.   We carry out our own metal work in our London factory.  Therefore, if you have a property which needs a specialised installation, please contact us.  Our experienced representative can meet you and discuss the options with you.  We can provide you with a site survey followed up with proposals and a free estimate.