Roller Blinds

Radiant Blinds have been manufacturing, supplying and installing Roller Blinds ever since the day we opened.

We supply interior Roller Blinds for any window of any size to homes, offices, schools, business’ and over the years to anywhere and everywhere. Roller Blinds have always been a popular way of shading windows because they are so simple, you roll them up and you roll them down, there is nothing to go wrong.

There is a vast range of fabrics available for Roller Blinds including blackout densities, water-resistant, plain and patterns. There are traditional and contemporary designs to suit all tastes. Traditional Roller blinds can be finished off with scallops and braids or just kept with simple clean lines, you have a choice of how to operate your Roller Blinds with either a side chain or centre pull, you can even have battery operated or 240v electric.

With so many options for Roller Blinds you can see why they have stood the test of time, we are currently installing huge roller blinds to cover massive expanses of glass on some of London’s most contemporary homes, we can source fabrics from around Europe to make sure your home will look modern and chic.

We also supply many restaurants and bars with Roller Blinds, these can be sign written with company names or logos so they are promoting the business to passers by, a great way of shading the windows and advertising at the same time.

Like any cord operated blind Child Safety is paramount that’s why with the Roller Blinds that we install we always fit the relevant Child Safety Devices.

Make It Safe
To see some of the fabrics available, see our gallery below or go to the following websites:

Roller Blinds
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