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School Canopies for Early Learning Centres

We are finding that educational establishments are choosing to create multi-functional outdoor protected areas.  For example, nurseries and other early learning centres are transforming spaces into play areas.  Accordingly you can use these areas whether it’s sunny or raining.  Therefore, young children can benefit from fresh air whilst safely being protected.  School canopies are a cost-effective means to providing shady areas.  As a result both staff and children can be adequately covered.  Consequently games, general play and refreshments can be enjoyed under a suitable canopy. 

Canopies for Schools

Schools are often using the outside areas for learning and refreshments.  Students can sit underneath the awning knowing they will be protected from the sun’s harmful rays.  More commonly they’ll have rain protection.  This is far healthier than being cooped up inside.

Canopies for Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities are installing canopies to allow their students to spend more time outside.  No longer confined to the inside, the students can enjoy the fresh air.  They can socialise, study or eat under the canopies.  Wasted outdoor spaces become functional and beneficial.

Controls for School Canopies

Depending on the outside area, there are many different canopies available.  If you have a wall/structure, we can supply a folding arm system. For example our Weinor & Markilux systems are high quality, durable and practical.  Additionally, these school canopies can be extended and retracted.  This is beneficial when the weather changes. You can have winding handles to operate them.  However electric controls are more popular these days. A two-way switch or remote control are easy ways to operate your canopies.  There are even sun and wind sensors available.  Other optional additions are lighting and heating.  Again, these enable outside spaces to be more usable.

Freestanding Awnings

If there’s no supporting structure, we can supply freestanding awnings.   For instance, the Markilux Syncra is a freestanding awning system.  There are stabilisation boxes supporting a goal post structure.  Onto this we can fit 2 awnings ie one either side. For example, each awning could project 2m. This would provide 4m shading projection x the width of the awning.  As a result, an otherwise under-used area can become a multi-functional, practical space.

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