Shop front recessed awnings – North London

Recessed Shop Front Awnings

The shop front recessed commercial awning is a popular choice for architects.  Additionally, it’s popular with designers & commercial builders.  Notably, the awning is hidden away inside a box.  The box would already be installed into the shop front. Therefore, when the awning is closed the mechanism is concealed into the shop facade.  Consequently, this leaves a flat fascia. With this in mind, Radiant Blinds & Awnings are specified at the early stages of design.  As a result, this allows the opening and housing box to be prepared to our specification.

Radiant Blinds & Awnings were pleased to install 3 no recessed awnings for Melisa.  This supermarket in North London had recently undertaken a complete refurbishment.

Your awning can be supplied in any RAL colour.  You can choose what type of operation. It is normally operated by a wireless remote.  You can select a convenient location for the remote. For instance, you can choose the wall of your premises for staff to easily access it.

To point out, you should specify your awning when your project is at a design stage.  Particularly, as it requires a specially constructed housing.  Consequently this can be built into the facade.

Awning Fabric

You can select your fabric for our extensive fabric collection. For example, we have access to all major fabric suppliers across the UK & Europe. Therefore, you have a wide selection of colours and patterns to choose from. Additionally, we have an in-house Awning Graphics department.  As a result, you can work with us to create the desired look for your business.

Radiant Blinds & Awnings is one of the leading suppliers of these awnings.  If you are interested in getting some more information, please contact us.  You can speak to one of our experienced representatives.  You can also request a free site visit whereby we can offer you advice and an estimate.